Rita Carr (Principal)

I began my teaching journey in 1979 in a traditional Nursery School. I then discovered this amazing teaching method of “Montessori” teaching.
Moving from JHB to Ballito in 1982, I found a school that was now moving over to this method and studied with the London Montessori College.
I joined the school in Ballito, and worked for 20 years seeing the amazing results this system had to offer.

I am now the principal of New Beginnings Montessori preschool,
And am passionate about helping children from all walks of life to achieve there optimum potential.

Tsholo Matlala (Vice Principal)

I am Kholofelo (Tsholo) Matlala, I completed a two year Early Childhood Development and Montessori Course in 2013. I have been with the New Beginnings Montessori School for the past five years. I have learnt a lot here, both through interacting with children and other staff members as well. What I love most in this school is the multicultural and inclusive ethos lived by both our children and the staff alike. This is more evident when dealing with the children with special needs. It proves to me that all the children are born with wings and New Beginnings Montessori helps them to fly!

Isau Ndebele

I am Isau Ndebele. I started working at New Beginning Montessori School in 2008. I love working in this school because it provides a nurturing environment and a good atmosphere for all of us. The system of education that is applied here allows and welcomes diverse cultures. The school is committed to this and the continuous achievements of our children can testify to that. I am thrilled and enthusiastic with each and every moment I spend with the children and co-workers alike. I trained and qualified in the following subjects:
  • Integrated Learning Therapy
  • Level 4 Montessori Teaching
  • Various in service trainings for the past 6 years


My job at New Beginnings is to manage the kitchen, meal preparations and do all the cooking.
I do the Aftercare for the kids, prepare all their activities for aftercare and meals.
I help with the little ones in the mornings as well. I am passionate about my work and love working with the children.
I have been with New Beginning for just over a year now.